A Business Growth Journey With An Agri Business Major

Case Study Abstract

The company had been involved in the business of scientific methods of improving agricultural produce in the world. The organization in India had seen growth that ensured it had a significant market share in certain products that it manufactured and sold in the country.

Globally the business direction was centered around cutting edge research in biotechnology that would help the agricultural fraternity gain significant yields in their produce.

The Organization in India followed a significantly different approach from other players in the Industry. The company manufactured the technology and then ensured that it grew its reach by licensing its commercial manufacture to various other organizations.

These companies that manufactured the seeds would then market them to the Indian marketplace through their own channels of distribution.

The parent organization who we engaged with had the task cut out for them in two ways:

  1. Increase customer awareness about the technology.
  2. Ensure the growth in the marketplace for their produce by increasing acreage of usage for the crop.

The marketplace size in India was around Rs. 9000 crores out of which the parent organization was looking to maximize its share in a sub product market which was sized at around Rs. 3000 crores.

The challenge was to move the end customers to more scientific ways of agriculture by effectively combining the internal resources and the those that of its manufacturers so that the end customer got aware of the benefits of the methods and as a result earned higher yields from their fields.

Deep rooted interventions based on a systemic review of the organization’s processes, over a period of 6 months saw the organization gain significantly on the key aspects of improving individual productivity in as far as the organization sales teams and made significant movements towards becoming a key player in the agricultural sector:

  • Gain in acreage increased to around 95% of the total acreage of a crop in the country.
  • Increase of the technology adoption rate to 95% amongst the growing states.

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