Enhancing Individual Productivity For A Media Major

Case Study Abstract

Early in the decade when India decided to throw open it’s radio frequencies to private players, the playing field was ambiguous. No organization knew what was the right strategy towards “customer acquisition” and “market growth” as this was the first time that the country was seeing the advent of an alternate medium of advertising .

During this time, a leading radio station that had obtained licenses across multiple locations decided to hire an organization that would skill its sales force to the finer nuances of selling radio as a medium. This alliance was couldn’t be sustained as the radio station soon discovered that they could leverage their early mover advantage and could secure its place in the growth story of radio in the country.

The organization was faced with the challenges that are faced by many when they begin their journey in unknown domains viz:

  • The sales force consisted of people who had expertise in selling media before, which was almost always sold on pricing and relationships.
  • The market found it difficult to acknowledge that radio could be a medium that could be used effectively to reach their audiences.
  • The sales force found it difficult to adapt to a method of working where value for the medium had to be created before the next step.
  • The experienced leadership team of the organization wanted to balance between growth in market share and margins of profit.

A 12 month journey, with us, saw the following changes emerge, that made sure that the organization took a firm step towards a market leader position in the industry :

  • A sixfold increase in annual net profit as a result of higher sales resulting from accurate implementation of processes.
  • A 23% growth in market share across six market topographies.
  • A 32% increase in consistency of performance of salespeople in the organization.

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