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Changing the way you look at Optimizing Individual Contribution Capability

With industry maturity, over a period of time and the workforce coming of age, a leaning to link enhancing individual contribution capability, with “Learning and Development” has emerged over the years. The moment any form of individual contribution capability gaps emerge in any numbers on the horizon as an improvement area from organizational surveys, market/ role changes or appraisal feedback loops, the organizational development teams swing into action to address these needs in the forms of Learning and Development interventions or in some cases through Coaching assignments.


Thus, in the past capability has had an umbilical cord connection with skill development and or attitudinal corrections. This viewpoint has over the years has hindered the ability of an organization to step back and understand, that the contribution capability of an individual, is actually a hydra headed challenge that has multiple touchpoints that either aids or hinders individual contribution capability.


It is important to understand here, that at the time of entry, each individual comes to an organization or a role with a defined set of capabilities. Interview circles run agog with various forms of interviewing techniques to identify capabilities, but in essence the point of capability improvement is buried under tons of “siloed mindsets” that ultimately render a very micro view.


So, what is Optimizing Individual contribution all about?


For us at Culture Outcome, an organization is built on the contributions of individuals, and hence it easily becomes the key factor to focus upon.


All individuals in any organization, possess the capability to contribute, and exhibit them to the fullest when the environment sets in a conducive climate. No individual comes to an organization with the intent of not contributing, however during the entire journey through the employee life cycle, differences and inconsistencies in contribution capability begin to emerge.


So, optimizing individual contribution capability is not about enhancing skill sets, be it functional or attitudinal, it is ultimately about the direction of effort that an individual deploys, while on their roles.


Examining the validity  and exploring the touchpoints, of that direction according to us, is what is required to move towards Individual contribution capability optimization.

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