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The Great Divide between Organizational Intent and Individual Contribution Capability

With the progress of technology making working presumably easier, a chasm has been progressively creeping up between realizing the fullest contribution capability, that an individual is capable of generating, and the intent with which an Organization was formed. Only a few such organizations exist in the world today where an individual is driven by an intrinsic force to contribute in making the organizational intent transform into reality.


This results from an equal focus being paid to the “why” of an individual coming into work. Netflix stands out to be one such organization, where the focus is on ideas, ideas and ideas, while paradoxically in most organizations, one sees a visible force being applied to “extract” individual performance.


Roles, in many cases have become points of fitting in people where the utility of each person has regressed to a point, where they have become, instruments of contribution to the top and bottom lines of an organization. The reason for the existence of a role, has boiled down to the goals that need to be achieved in that role.


In the same situations, individual capacity to perform a task has started to be associated with the education that the person possesses or the quantum of experience the person has possessed, in a similar role in the past. The lack of focus on identifying the presence or absence of the “why” in an individual, has led to “quick fixes” being administered, with a view to generate desire that will presumably help a person to contribute more effectively.


In the age where “working from home” will become a reality and the physical distance between an organization and it’s people will continue to grow in this world of fluidity, this chasm will need to be quickly identified and bridged for organizations to stay relevant in the world of business in the days to come. This divide between the why and the what, can only be bridged, when the intent of the organization and a person’s capability to perform are aligned to each other.

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